PG Cources Available

1M.D Anatomy
2M.D Physiology
3M.D. Biochemistry
4M.D. Pharmacology
5M.D. Pathology
6M.D Microbiology
7M.D. Community medicine
M D/M S Clinical courses – 3 years
1M.D general science
2M D Anaesthesiology
3M D Dermatology, Venereology & leprosy
4M D respiratory medicine
5M S Orthopaedics
6M S Ophthalmology
7M D Paediatrics
8M D Psychiatry
9M D Radio Diagnosis
10M S Otorhinolaryngology
Post Graduate Courses (2 years)
1M.Sc Medical Bio Nanotechnology
2M Sc Occupational health and Industrial safety/td>
3M Sc Marine Pharmacology
4M Sc medical Bio technology
5M Sc Clinical research & Experimental Medicine
6M Sc Computational Biology
7M Sc Bio Informatics
8M Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
9M Sc health and Yoga therapy
10M Sc counselling Psychology
D M /M Ch Courses
1D M Cardiology
2D M Neurology
3D M Neonatology
4D M Neurology
5M Ch Cardio Vascular & Theoric Surgery
6M Ch Neuro Surgery
Post Graduate Courses
1M sc Medical Anatomy
2M Sc Medical physiology
3M Sc medical Biochemistry
4M Sc Microbiology
5M Sc Medical pharmacology